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Black Toenail Fungus: Natural Treatment


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Toenail fungus is very irritating problem and is commonly faced by the people on both the fingernails as well toenail. The toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis, and this is generally seen in toenails than that of fingernails. It is found that toenail fungus is of many types like yellow toenail fungus, black toenail infection, white toenail fungus and many more. This is contagious disease and faced by the people due to various unexpected reasons such as weak immune system, people suffering from diabetes, if a person is walking barefoot in the public places like public showers or at the swimming pools or also by using other nail tools especially in the salons.


Black toenail fungus is really a big problem and is characterized due to its horrible look and odor.  This can become horrible if left untreated so it is really important to treat it at its early stage.  Here follow the best natural treatment to treat it effectively.


Natural Treatment For Black Toenail Fungus:


There are many different treatments available in the market and it is really important to choose something that is easy and effectively to treat the infection without any side effect. There are treatment like over the counter, topical treatment, surgery and laser treatment but these are expensive and even causes side effects and also found that it causes negative effect on the health and leave the fungus that the stage where it can’t be treated. So it is better to opt for the natural treatment for black toenail fungus.



Tea tree oil is powerful natural antiseptic treatment that effectively treats the toenail fungus. This is best natural treatment and highly effective to treat any type of toenail fungus. This treats the black toenail fungus by going deep into the affected nails and kills the fungus. Know how to apply this in various ways:


  • Apply the undiluted tea tree with olive oil directly to the affected toenail.
  • Or else put few drops of tea tree oil on the affected toenail and rub it carefully regularly.
  • Or mix equal quantities of olive oil, thyme oil, tea tree oil and apply the mixed oil on the affected nails and leave it for at least 10 -15 minutes and gently scrub the affected nail with the toothbrush.
  • The scrubbing process will marsh off the uppermost layer of the nails that hold most of the fungus and to treat the black toenail fungus completely, use tea tree oil continuously for a few weeks till the infection was gone completely.


Listerine mouthwash is antiseptic and natural treatment for treating toenail fungus. The mouthwash contains numerous compounds and alcohols like salicylate thymol and eucalyptol that form an effective toenail fungus treatment. This is best to treat the ugly black toenail fungus and also prevent the growth of fungus from spreading. Know how to apply it:

  • To apply it mixes the mouthwash with a strong natural acid like apple cider vinegar or undiluted lemon juice for effective treatment as acid hinder the growth of fungus and prevents from spreading.
  • Or else also pour an adequate amount of mouthwash and in the equal amount of vinegar and soak your feet in it for 20 minutes. Do it for at least once a day to get rid of black toenail fungus.


It can make use of both these essential oil to prevent black toenail fungus. Oregano is essential oil and fill with antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiviral, analgesic and antifungal properties apply it by mixing it with olive oil to soften the harsh skin. Know how to apply it:

  • Mix 2 drops of Oregano oil with a tsp of olive oil. And apply the mixture on the affected area regularly for NOT more than three weeks.
  • Apply the mixture before going to bed on the affected nail and surrounding skin.